* Ordering FAQ :-

Q- How do I place an order online?

A- Go to Products Pages , click on the product(s) you want and then click on "Add to Cart?. And Enter Quantity that you want to buy. Continue this process until you are ready to check out. Now send it your order to our company by adding your details. We will get your mail with your order then we will send Shipping Cost Of Your requirements items.

Q- What happens after I place an order?

A- After you complete your order on our web site, you will see a "Thank you for submitting your Order. We will contact you ASAP!" alert. We will get your mail and check and give you Shipping Cost of your Order.

* Payment FAQ :-

Q- What methods of payment are accepted?

A- We are accept Payments by Telex Transfer (T/T), Wire Transfer by bank, And Western Union.

Q- Can you invoice me?

A- Yes, We can Invoice you. And we will send your first Performa invoice with full details for Transferring payments.

Q- Payments Option?

A- We are Accept Payments of Your Order Below $ 3000 in advance. For Above $ 3000 in by sea we will accept by 50 % advance and 50 % by Copy of B/L.

* Payment Terms :-

- We accept Payments by T/T, Wire Transfer and PayPal.
- MOQ : $ 500 + Shipping extra.
- 100 % Advance For Order Below $ 3000.
- For Above $ 3000 USD 50 % advance and 50 % against Documents.
- Also Accept L/C for Large Payments.
- We can also use D/P Payments Terms of Large Merchandise.